Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca (Department located in the Southwest of Colombia), and the Valle del Pacífico Convention Center are expecting you on October 5th and 6th at the First International Meeting of the Pacific Basin: Business and Investment. The conference will take place over two days in which we will be able to explore the largest and most dynamic markets in the world around the Pacific.

The Pacific Basin, with 2.7 billion people and covering 32% of the surface of the earth, accounts for approximately 55% of global GDP and concentrates 49% of world trade. These facts reinforce the Pacific as one of the most dynamic areas to do business in the world.

Objetivos del evento:

  • Promote the national government policy towards the Pacific.
  • Raise the interest of entrepreneurs to discover investment opportunities and trade between Colombia and the countries of the Pacific Basin.
  • Position the Valle del Cauca as the Colombian platform to the Pacific.
  • Create a window to the world to attract foreign investment to Colombia from the Pacific.